Your IT sercives in the Hills

How can Savoy Techs help you ?

Because IT covers so many part of our lives, it is essential to be prepared and equipped to embrace it. It can be both time consuming and frustrating, when facing distant resources. This is why I’m bringing IT services to your door step or remotely, at your convenience.

Located near Mundaring, I can drive to you for your IT needs.

Here is an insight of the services I may bring to you


It can cover a very wide spectrum of IT subjects, any difficulty can be overcome, we can set objectives and work towards more confidence. Here are some example, this list is not exhaustive

How to 101

Introduction to a new computer, software

Safe data

Strategies on how to avoid losing your files.

How to 201

To improve your abilities on a specific topic

Safe net

How to browe the Internet safely

IT Maintenance

How convenient it is to have your electronic functioning in an optimum manner ! When something isn’t going right, there’s probably a fix for it, not necessarily a new device. Many old computers are wrongly considered obsolete, with some small upgrades you can have your device running like new: I can diagnose if doing a part upgrade could make your computer sufficient to your needs.


Assembling of computers, either with new parts or reassembling old ones


Setup of PCs, printers, NAS, routers, Wifi and home networking


Cleanup, refresh, speedup (including part upgrades)

Diag - repair

Diagnostic, repair

Phone Maintenance


Repairs, hardware and sofware : parts can take some time to be ordered, so it is essential to plan this.


Backup and migration : assistance in setting up your device to save your datas safely, and how to deal with the migration to a new device


“I know my needs, but am unsure of what solution would be the most beneficial for me” 

Let’s take time to discuss it, and find what technology would be the most suited to your needs

“How safe is my data ?”

I can analyse your current situation, offer knowledgeable advice and solutions to ensure your precious documents and memories are protected. This expertise is based on a long professional experience

“I’d like to improve the presence online of my business”

We can discuss a range of actions to solve this, from creating a website to a social network strategy

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